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Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color Review and Giveaway

My introduction to Palladio Cosmetics, like the lipstick junkie that I am has been through their Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color. Since then, I have had a month to test and tell you all about my experience with Cashmere, Damask, Raw Silk, Plush, Sateen, Suede and Tapestry, i.e. the seven out of twelve lipstick colours […]

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My Black Opal Lipstick Obsession

It is easy to be loyal to a brand that offers quality, locally available and affordable products. One of the brands that tick all my loyalty prerequisite boxes is Black Opal. As a Foschini brand ambassador and a Centurion resident, I was beyond thrilled when I discovered that the Centurion Mall Foschini has added Black […]

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Mascara layering with Inglot

For the longest time I’ve been obsessing over two things, finding the perfect pink shade of lipstick and having amazing looking eyelashes. The latter eluded me for years until I made friends with the Edgars‘ makeup artists that introduced me to mascara layering with Inglot. This was early last year, 2014, and since then, my […]

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