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Casual Body Shaming Shame

Properly for not the first in my adult life, I got body shamed. This was today, before breakfast, before I could even reboot my office computer, before a sip of coffee to make the blow go down easy. Even more devastatingly, this was from an older black woman who is certainly no supermodel, not that […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month #ThinkPink

Every goddess has an Achilles’ heel and in our quest to be all that we can be, Foschini and the formidable #FashionFriendsSA are encouraging all women to make the health of their breasts a priority. A lot of brave mothers, wives and sisters have fought bravely against breast cancer, some have won and some have […]

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Red My Lips

The Medical Research Council estimates that only one in nine rape cases are reported to the police in South Africa. This means that eight rapists are walking the streets we walk and are using the same public transport we rely on daily. As a woman in South Africa and in the world, I am not […]

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