The Elegant Touch Diva Nails – Review

The Elegant Touch Diva nails come in a monochromatic package with a mix of matte and glossy texture, which gives the box a modern luxurious feel. Even before opening the box, you pretty much know what you are getting and how to use them.

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The contents consist of 24 press-on nails in 10 sizes, 2 grams of glue, a buffer and an instruction leaflet. The Elegant Touch Diva nails are white medium size, oval, white in colour and are decorated with hearts, swallows, stripes and polka dot nail art, all done in black.

Hisilicon Balong

According to the instruction leaflet, the nails are meant to last up to 10 days. The nail application time is approximately 10 minutes and the removal using the products below should take about 30 minutes:

  • Elegant Touch Get ‘Em Off,
  • Nail file,
  • Nail cleaner/ hoof stick,
  • Cotton wool, and
  • Aluminium foil squares.

In applying the Elegant Touch Diva nails, I prepped my own nails with a buffer and acetone. I decided on which nail goes where, I applied the glue, then placed and press the Diva nail in place. Ten minutes later the manicure was done. No overflow of glue, no skew nails and most importantly, my cuticles remained glue free.

Hisilicon Balong

On the third day my handbag ate my car keys and in the process of rescuing them, I dislodged two nails. I could have cried if it wasn’t for the fact that I had the glue in my toiletry bag. Disaster averted, my manicure lasted well into the ninth day without looking shabby, before I lost two more nails on my way to work and I was without the Elegant Touch Get ‘Em Off, in my impatience, I simply lifted and peeled my press-on nails. This was surprisingly easy to do, filing and buffing took care of the rest. With that confession out of the way, my nail removal method is not ideal as it may damage brittle nails.

If you are a tomboy or just not a super girly-girl, but have a random spurt of ladylike tendencies, then the Elegant Touch nails are right up your ally. They are fun, easy to apply, fit and feel comfortable, their retail price of R 92.95, at Dis-chem, makes them affordable too.

Elegant TOUCHCool Tip – Do not throw away your unused leftover press-on nails and glue. They are handy for fixing press-on nails that get dislodged or for disguising a broken nail until it grows longer again.

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