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May you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born and raised in Witbank also known as Emalahleni, South Africa. After matric, I was lucky enough to study Chemical Engineering and that was my career until Business and the Fashion bug bit me.

Where would you say your love of fashion stems from?

I could say from studying Art during my informative years, in reality, I have always been in awe of the instantaneous transformative power of fashion. The thrill I get out of seeing what the “right” kind of clothes can do for a woman’s confidence just never gets old.

What turned your hobby into a business?

I have always enjoyed gift shopping for my friends and family, but after I discovered online shopping in 2010, bargain hunting became that much more convenient. The true test of my online bargain shopping abilities came in 2011 while planning my younger sister’s Matric Dance outfit. I had to get a dress, shoes, makeup and get her hair done as well on a budget of R 1500. To say I pulled it off is an understatement; I had change to spare.

The idea of turning my hobby into a business came from a conversation I had with my best friend. She asked if I’ve ever thought of turning my hobby into a business and I was instantly intrigued. In March 2012, I bought my first stock and Fashion Fanatic SA was born.

FAshion Fanatics Shoot-0651In recent years there has been a surge in numbers of South African fashion stockists, what sets your brand apart?

Fashion Fanatic SA offers timeless chic clothes, shoes and accessories that work well for any woman who appreciates quality clothes. Trends are fun, but they come and go whereas a classic wardrobe is an investment that will serve you well into your golden years.

Who is the ideal Fashion Fanatic woman that you cater for?

She is comfortable in her own skin. Dresses to accentuate her figure. Appreciates unique fashion pieces and is a quality over quantity type of woman.


What are the core fashion items that every woman should have in her wardrobe?

An LBD and a structured black bag are key items for either an interview or going to church and everything else in-between. Shift and maxi dresses look amazing on all body types, winter or spring, they do not discriminate. I love prints and bright colours. They bring an element of fun and individuality to any standard office wardrobe. My current favourite pop of colour is yellow, all 50 shades of yellow.

FAshion Fanatics Shoot-0731

Other than being a businesswoman and a seasoned fashion buyer, what are other talents do you have?

When I am not fashion buying or offering in-house styling consultations, I can be found playing dress up with my princess Tare, age nine, or singing to my naughty bundle of joy Perewei. He cannot go asleep without mummy’s improvised lullabies.

Any words of advice to fellow female entrepreneurs that are just starting out?

Start your business with your intended customer in mind. Research, research and research some more. Things like your potential suppliers, the quality and the pricing of your merchandise or services can make-or-break you if you fail to do thorough research. Do not allow your personal preferences to be a hindrance to your brand’s potential growth. Finally, keep your customers at the heart of all you do.

FAshion Fanatics Shoot-0867

Before I set you free, how do we shop your brand?

My online store is www.fashionfantatic.co.za and for the rest of June I am giving all your blog followers a 20% off discount when they use #BuyFashionFanatic as their Coupon Code before they check out their online Fashion Fanatic purchases .

There you go folks –

Good bye now. As you can see below, I have me some mid-month shopping to do,
FAshion Fanatics Shoot-0765FAshion Fanatics Shoot-0769 (1) FAshion Fanatics Shoot-0639 FAshion Fanatics Shoot-0633 FAshion Fanatics Shoot-0859 FAshion Fanatics Shoot-0878



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  1. Carol says:

    Loved this article…I went to go like the fb page, I’m also following you on instagram and I’ll browse your website….love your insight and thanks for stating the essentials I oh so need 🙂

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