Five Fundamentals for Flawless Skin

A bad hair day can be turned around into a fab do-day with a beautifully wrapped Chitenge doek, sadly, the same cannot be said for the bad skin day. No matter how skilful you are with a concealer, disguising monumentally inflamed zits is impossible and avoiding them will not make them go-away. They persist like a petulant stalker until you address them. The world of skincare is continuously coming up with new products and treatments, but the basic principles have remained the same; hence going back to the fundamentals is at times necessary, lest we forget.

  1. Avoid cock-tailing your skincare products as much as possible, not all brands play well together. Buy a full skincare range that caters to your skin type from the same brand.ponds2
  2. Pay attention to your skin flares ups, whether it is after a week of full on makeup, a crazy workout session or eating something you don’t normally consume as well as when within the menstrual cycle these flare up occur. An unbalanced diet and fluctuating hormones can also wreak havoc, beware and take precaution.


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  3. Cleansing skin before shut-eye should not even be a matter to be negotiated. Night-time is the optimum time for restoration and rejuvenation. Consciously taking a dirty face to such a sacred period of your day is downright desecration. Keep a pack of resealable skincare wet wipes and some coconut oil on your bedside table; they are my skin savers on days when I get home knackered.


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  4. Unhygienic hands, makeup tools, face towels and pillowcases could be sabotaging your quest for healthier skin. Accessories such as head scarves, sweatbands, eye glasses and phones may seem like unlikely bacteria carriers, but in reality their hygiene or lack thereof, also directly impact the well-being of your skin. All items that come in regular contact with your face must be as clean as possible and since bacteria thrive in humid spaces such as bathrooms, try to air-dry your towels in direct sunlight, for control.

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  5. Stress and allergies can also bring unwanted blessing of pimples and rash, have your pimple buster of choice, Allergex tablets and Calamine lotion handy, it pays to be prepared.

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A short list of effective basic skincare fundamentals worth remembering. They may even save you a costly trip to the dermatologist.

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