Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color Review and Giveaway

My introduction to Palladio Cosmetics, like the lipstick junkie that I am has been through their Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color. Since then, I have had a month to test and tell you all about my experience with Cashmere, Damask, Raw Silk, Plush, Sateen, Suede and Tapestry, i.e. the seven out of twelve lipstick colours that comprise this range.


Cashmere and Sateen.

The Cashmere and Sateen lipsticks caught my eye first and the girly-girl part of me clapped in glee. They have a light creamy consistency that needs about two coats for a perfect even application. Once applied, they do not fully dry, but go on to be velvety moist with a matte finish. Even though they do not go bone-dry like most matte lipsticks, they stay in place and last up to five hours without any pronounced fading. On my warm skin tone, these cool shades are a dramatic pop of colour, so a full face of makeup is a must or I run the risk of looking outclassed.


Raw Silk, Suede and Plush.

Raw Silk, Suede and Plush are the easy-going colours in my books. They looked good on me even without a full face of glorious war paint. Their darker pigmentation goes on evenly on the first coat and they feel somewhat creamier than the previous two lipsticks, but semi-dry, they look and feel the same way.


Damask and Tapestry.

Damask and Tapestry are two shades that add an unapologetic punch of colour that scream fierce and formidable. They may be over-the-top for daytime, but are perfect for a vixen’s night out look. On my brown skin they slay, day or night, compliments are guaranteed. If you like dark, rich and edgy lip colours, then loving these two is a given.


As for the lipstick wand, it does a decent job of smooth application, but a lip brush offers a much more precise application and gets to the lip corners with ease. The lighter lipsticks tend to move and settle on the lip lines with time, again, a lip brush comes in handy to fix that. Other than that, there is minimum lipstick transfer, no lipstick bleeding, no dry lips or parabens to worry about.


Since sharing is a sisterly thing to do, I am giving away two Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color lipsticks worth R 219.90, Dis-Chem retail price. One is for you and the second one for your colourful Best Friend.

Entry Rules:

• LIKE the Palladio Beauty S.A. and the Wooden Mirror Facebook page;
• Tag your BFF and tell us which lipstick is your dream shade;
• Be an online Wooden Mirror blog subscriber; and
• Winners must be South African resident.

Good luck!!!

Love and smooches,

7 comments on “Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Color Review and Giveaway”

  1. Anthea says:

    Hi !
    I’ve entered on all the steps but I don’t know how to sign up to your blog?

  2. Meka-Owethu says:

    Hello Anthea, thank you for your entry.

    The Follow Button should be floating in the bottom-right corner of my blog. To cut through the chase, I’ve added you to my list of followers, just confirm your subscription via the email sent to you 😉

    Good luck!

  3. popsieza says:

    Competition runs until when? I’ve entered ?

  4. Carol says:

    this is very exciting….love the shades – they are all beautiful…. I would love to try all of them out…. thanks for sharing some insight Meks….

  5. Rumbarani Naidoo says:

    I love the Suede and Tapestry colours. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  6. I love the Suede and Tapestry colours. Thanks for allowing me a chance to win.

  7. glamhipster says:

    Love love love the Raw Silk and Sateen colours 🙂 Perfect for any season! I’ve followed all the steps, haven’t received the email yet but fingers crossed (I’ve never won anything so this would be a great start haha)

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