Sunflower Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Sunfoil-Cooking-Oil1In most South African households you will find sunflower oil in gallons and no one is stingy with it and that is the case in my mom’s house too. Her olive oil is considered a precious commodity though not to be trifled with. So, when she caught me, two summers’ back, trying to do a pre-shampoo overnight oil treatment with her precious organic olive oil she was not amused. But because my recently red coloured afro was too dry for normal shampoo cleansing, I had to make a plan, and that plan came in my mother’s 5 litre Sunfoil sunflower oil.

Since that fateful summer night, nothing much has change in how I do this Sunflower Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment. I start by applying the sunflower oil to my dry hair. Then, I cover the hair with cling wrap, which I keep in place with a cut off pantyhose leg and a doek. The following morning I shampoo my hair as per usual and like after an olive oil pre-shampoo treatment, my hair is left feeling soft, easier to detangle and looking shiny. All prior the conditioning.

The added benefit to the sunflower oil is that it is the cheapest vegetable oil in Mzansi. It can also be found even in the smallest of spaza shops and no one cares if you use their sunflower oil on your hair. Just don’t take the 5 litre to the bathroom with you.

With love & fluffy Fro,

P.S. This post has been showcased on Beauty Bulletin. *Three cheers*

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