The Step Ahead shoe sale madness

DSC04331It’s Friday, the world has gone diaper shopping thanks to the financial year-end. Gracious old me is just kilometers away from BitchVille and in pursuit of keeping my marbles, I had to get some form of retail therapy. This is how my feet found themselves fitting shoes at Step Ahead.

As the universe will have it, they were having a sale and amazing shoes were going for ridiculous prices. The fashion gods, being the cruel deities that they are, led me to the water of sanity, but as it turned out, I was not to drink. Out of the shoes I fell in love with none would fit me perfectly. Not one, as in zilch, nada, a fat nothingness of niks weighing heavily on my recovering shopaholic heart. Feast your eyes and share my despair.



Being the bigger-footed person that I am, I will not leave you to wallow because there is a silver lining to this grey cloud because I was cruising the mall with my friend and fellow shoe lover Zama. All the shoes I was crushing on chose her over me. Mind you, this is not the first time this has happened, going forth, I am charging her finder’s fee and you all are my witnesses.

All three pairs, which I made her model for your viewing pleasure, came with a collective price tag of R 1,607.00. She only got to pay a mere R 393.00 saving a whopping R 1,214.00 and I helped her do so, now here I am tinted green.

With love and gloom,

9 comments on “The Step Ahead shoe sale madness”

  1. Carol says:

    Those are gorgeous. Well done Zama!!!!

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      No sympathy for me? *sniffs*

  2. Jus B says:

    Wow! You struck gold hun…Iove the black pair but would never walk that heel:/

    I have a similar pair to the silver strappy sandal.

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      some were made for walking, some for posing 😉

  3. H. E. Lexus says:

    Some great heels; love the style and color combination of the metallic’s. The pumps are awesome with the patent and textured material; the gold heel rocks! I have a pair with a gold heel and it is certainly fun. 😉

  4. Rowayda says:

    I love the shoes..any hope for a small footed lady 3-4…

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      Yes, no discrimination 🙂 and I’ve been seeing lovely size 3 and 4 on sale shoes on online stores too.

      1. Rowayda says:

        Are we allowed to choose 2 different sizes…maybe 2 pairs for me and a pair for u…at that miraculous price?

        1. Meka-Owethu says:

          I could not find a pair for myself, you may need to visit a store nearer to you. The shoes are selling fast.

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