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Five Signs You Have a Terrible Hairstylist

SASSA should support us, taxpaying naturals, we deserve a natural grant. Treating, trimming and styling natural hair at home is not a child’s play, but while I wait for the government to support us, I went and found myself a hairstylist. She talked the natural talk or seemed to, but in retrospect she liked my […]

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Afro Care Made Simpler

Winter is the time to hide the Afro or it gets a bad rep, which I find really unfair, so because of that and some requests received, I am breaking down my weekly or fortnightly hair care as well as my day-to-day hair routine. As you can see below, they are simple and do-able throughout […]

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Hair Product Ingredients to Avoid as a Natural

Sulfate in shampoos is an oil-stripping ingredient that most naturals learn to avoid early in their pursuit of natural healthy hair. As much as we, naturals, love and mostly prefer natural hair products, the allure to tryout treatments and styling products meant for our ethnic hair can only be resisted for a while. This is […]

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My shopping list for soft, healthy hair that is easy to manage

New naturals can easily get overwhelmed with all the do’s and don’ts of the natural hair world. I discovered this when a colleague, who just went natural, asked for my help to shop for hair products. Her main concern was having an easy to manage Afro, as her freshly washed hair felt hard and dry. […]

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Happy New Year – Healthier Hair, Naturally

Come 2016, I will set righteous fire on anyone who dares say mean things about their natural hair. My hair is thicker and difficult to manage compared to yours, hence I braid/weave/relax. I can never be a natural, my face or head’s shape is not meant for TWA. I need this weave doll; the hairline […]

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Ten gift ideas for Naturalistas

Being part of the struggle for and against shrinkage, I’ve created this last-minute Christmas stocking filler list. All ten items are easily available, affordable and will have most Naturalistas impressed by your thoughtfulness… The Perfect Co-wash is a dreamy creamy curl defining conditioner that is perfect for a wash and go do – R 150 from […]

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