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Foschini Gifting Giveaway

There is no rest for the wicked, in my case wickedly sick, yet I have to pack and be ready to fly out this afternoon because #KeDecemberBoss and Muizenburg is calling. The packing of clothes and shoes is always the easy part, the packing of my cosmetics and hair products not so much. Luckily, this […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month #ThinkPink

Every goddess has an Achilles’ heel and in our quest to be all that we can be, Foschini and the formidable #FashionFriendsSA are encouraging all women to make the health of their breasts a priority. A lot of brave mothers, wives and sisters have fought bravely against breast cancer, some have won and some have […]

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Foschini Brand Ambassadors’ Debut – Autumn/ Winter ’15

They were once fashionable strangers, now, they are bonded in sisterhood. I am proud to say that… Yes, you’ve read right! We, The Foschini Brand Ambassadors, are taking over your local Foschini and your mall while we’re at it. The proof will be hanging up in all Foschini stores for your viewing pleasure, as from today, […]

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