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Hair Product Ingredients to Avoid as a Natural

Sulfate in shampoos is an oil-stripping ingredient that most naturals learn to avoid early in their pursuit of natural healthy hair. As much as we, naturals, love and mostly prefer natural hair products, the allure to tryout treatments and styling products meant for our ethnic hair can only be resisted for a while. This is […]

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My shopping list for soft, healthy hair that is easy to manage

New naturals can easily get overwhelmed with all the do’s and don’ts of the natural hair world. I discovered this when a colleague, who just went natural, asked for my help to shop for hair products. Her main concern was having an easy to manage Afro, as her freshly washed hair felt hard and dry. […]

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Aunt Jackie’s Hair Product Review

I did a review for my fellow blogger, Frochic, for her blog’s Aunt Jackie’s give away, so if you missed the blog, but you’re still interested in knowing more about these hair products, here is the #TestandTell as written for Frochic, minus the give away. Askies 🙂 The American Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils brand offers […]

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Sunflower Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment

In most South African households you will find sunflower oil in gallons and no one is stingy with it and that is the case in my mom’s house too. Her olive oil is considered a precious commodity though not to be trifled with. So, when she caught me, two summers’ back, trying to do a pre-shampoo […]

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Ethnic Hair Chronicles – Part 1

After receiving a beautiful message from Sandy Seema, my fellow Foschini brand ambassador, about the positive changes our hair conversations have brought to her hair, I made a promise to share in writing the knowledge I have acquired in my own natural hair journey. This is in hope that you will read and put this […]

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