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The Elegant Touch Diva Nails – Review

The Elegant Touch Diva nails come in a monochromatic package with a mix of matte and glossy texture, which gives the box a modern luxurious feel. Even before opening the box, you pretty much know what you are getting and how to use them. The contents consist of 24 press-on nails in 10 sizes, 2 […]

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Five Fundamentals for Flawless Skin

A bad hair day can be turned around into a fab do-day with a beautifully wrapped Chitenge doek, sadly, the same cannot be said for the bad skin day. No matter how skilful you are with a concealer, disguising monumentally inflamed zits is impossible and avoiding them will not make them go-away. They persist like […]

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Ten gift ideas for Naturalistas

Being part of the struggle for and against shrinkage, I’ve created this last-minute Christmas stocking filler list. All ten items are easily available, affordable and will have most Naturalistas impressed by your thoughtfulness… The Perfect Co-wash is a dreamy creamy curl defining conditioner that is perfect for a wash and go do – R 150 from […]

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