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Skin Care Made Easier

Let’s have a quick skin care talk, totally not planned, but my skin has been good and that has elicited a lot of questions. So, let me take about ten minutes and share my current take on skin care. As of the beginning of 2017 I have cut-off serums and face moisturisers. As much as […]

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Body Skin Care Plan for Winter

I love winter. You have to be trying really hard to manage to look dowdy in winter. The catch with all those clothes is that they dry out your skin, thank you friction. I know, I positively itch after 10 hours of being encased in stockings and long sleeve t-shirts. Sadly, the clothes are not […]

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Five Fundamentals for Flawless Skin

A bad hair day can be turned around into a fab do-day with a beautifully wrapped Chitenge doek, sadly, the same cannot be said for the bad skin day. No matter how skilful you are with a concealer, disguising monumentally inflamed zits is impossible and avoiding them will not make them go-away. They persist like […]

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Five steps to good skin

Other than your genes, there are steps that you can take to achieve and maintain a healthy looking skin; below are the five steps, I live by that you can adopt in pursuit of good skin. Wash your hand with soap before you touch your face at all times. Dirty hands equal a potential spread […]

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