Hair Journey Lessons of 2017

Every year has new revelations and in the two years of fully committing to growing natural hair, keeping to trimming and no dying, I’ve learned to love and appreciate the versatility of my hair. Though I have been terrible with sharing information on this blog, private hair chats have been continuous and to close 2017 I am stringing together my scattered pearls of wisdom to form a dainty bracelet that you may find appealing if not useful.

  1. Getting to know your hair is time-consuming and can be bloody expensive, so getting a natural hair twin at work, church or in your complex is advisable. You get to trade war stories, share or trade products, save money and be each other’s tangible support system.
  2. Sulphate shampoos are not your enemy, unless you become over familiar with them, use them once weekly to strip hair free of dirt. Best you detangle properly first and follow your hair wash with a concentrated hair mask that tackles your main hair concerns, i.e. strengthening or hydrating, etc.
  3. Be wary of permanent dyes as they can affect your hair’s true type, texture, porosity and overall health of your hair. Colouring can complicate your natural hair journey and prove an unwarranted steep learning curve.
  4. Product choices are subjective, unless you dive into your pocket and buy quality over quantity, you will never know what works for you. You pay for value not quantity.
  5. When you acquire new hair products think long-term, be consistent and as long as your hair shows no adverse reaction, stick it out for a month or two before you write off products as useless and a waste of money. Whenever you can, stick to using a product range as a whole.
  6. Testing new leave-in/ styling products on dirty hair will not give you the true reflection of what a product can do. Never combine new products for the first time a day before or on the day of a big event that is a gamble that may lead to a messy product crumble. Be a mixtress during your lying low periods.
  7. Whenever you think detangling, thick with rich, creamy products with awesome slippery factor, use your fingers before combing. To avoid damage and breakage, make sure your nails and combs are smooth with no rough edges.
  8. Hair ends can either dry up or split like disloyal boyfriends after you’ve missed a period. Trim regularly, every second month should be good enough. As a thank you, your hair will feel softer and the coils will pop like a dream.
  9. Sleep with your hair loose or safely tucked away in amaphondo or Bantu knots instead of leaving it in a pony as doing so may damage your hairline as you toss and turn in your sleep. Also, avoid metal clasps hair accessories as much as possible, metal bits tend to snag and break hair.
  10. Be patient, have reasonable expectations and be in competition with no one, but yourself. Hair can only grow fast, be soft and curly according to your genetic makeup and lifestyle. Forget what some adverts may claim, this journey has no shortcuts or magic portions.

Stay queening. Be kind to self and others. Have the best summer yet and start 2018 with a bang!



2 comments on “Hair Journey Lessons of 2017”

  1. Kerin Prins says:

    So I have a 2year old (going on 22 lol) we are practically twins and although wash day can be war day the end result is ALWAYS amazing. I have learned that we need to set the foundation with our kids so that they can understand that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and textures.

    My 2 year old calls me BossieKop (well then again everybody does) but we’ve created a positive Aura around it, so when someone calls her “BossieKop” all she hears is, wow you have beautiful hair.

    I’ve seen our hair become really healthy and healthy and yes one hears our hair is our crown but remember its not a fashion statement but your true identity. Love your hair.

    You are beautiful <3

    1. Tebogo Muthabuli says:

      I love this and vouch for it. My daughter and I have been through this natural hair journey. Thanks to you Meka for all the lessons it’s been awesome. 😘Tebogo

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