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Let’s have a quick skin care talk, totally not planned, but my skin has been good and that has elicited a lot of questions. So, let me take about ten minutes and share my current take on skin care.

As of the beginning of 2017 I have cut-off serums and face moisturisers. As much as serums worked well, I used the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum, I couldn’t make them fit into my beauty budget and I found no benefit from moisturisers at all.

My current skin care routine is made of:


  1. Garnier Skin Naturals Fresh Clarifying Wash, my old trusted cleanser, and recently I’ve added Pure Clay Detox Face Wash by L’Oréal Skin Expert/Paris as part of my cleansing squad. The latter packs a better punch in terms of cleansing, but both work well on my combination and do not leave my skin feeling tight with dryness.
  2. Garnier has gone and removed all toners from their skin care range and I am on the last bottle of their discontinued Shine Be Gone Fresh Refining Toner and I’m annoyed. Shine Control Toner by Nivea Visage is an alternative; otherwise Rosewater makes for a cheaper, soothing and divine smelling toner. I apply toners with a cotton pad wrapped with gauze as a short cut to exfoliate while I tone.
  3. This year I haven’t been using any moisturisers just the Grapeseed and Sweet Almond Oils. They have actually swung my skin from combination towards the normal, which is freaking awesome.
  4. Charcoal Masks, from the Young Solution sachets, to Garnier’s Pure Active Intensive 3-in-1 Charcoal Anti-Blackhead Wash, Scrub & Mask to the new L’Oréal Pure Clay Detox & Brighten Mask, all work wonders for me and I use them 2 to 3 times a week. If I had to choose one I would probably go with the Garnier Mask only because it also exfoliates; a lazy girl’s dream right there.

Other than the fact my GP has me on Qlaira to keep my hormones balance and my chin acne free, that my skin care routine that I keep religiously to my skin looking good and glowing with health, with or without makeup.

Grown & Glowing,


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