Five Signs You Have a Terrible Hairstylist


SASSA should support us, taxpaying naturals, we deserve a natural grant. Treating, trimming and styling natural hair at home is not a child’s play, but while I wait for the government to support us, I went and found myself a hairstylist. She talked the natural talk or seemed to, but in retrospect she liked my money just fine, just not my hair. I prayed and preached change. Still, my hairstylist was a heathen.

After six months of being defied, I had to dismiss Hope and Patience. It was time to gingerly collect my tattered pride from the dirty salon floor and walked away, for good. My current hairstylist is a lovely man who opened my eyes to just how bad my previous hairstylist was, to pay it forward, please be on the lookout for these five red flags.

  1. There is no hair analysis, no conversation about your hair needs or concerns and your voice is heard, not listened to.
  2. With all the natural hair brands available in South Africa, with salon-exclusive and off the shelf products, your hairstylist has none and if you bring your own, there’s no discount for your exertion.
  3. Cleansing and conditioning products come already scooped from some dark corners of the hair salon or branded containers are refilled with cheaper products. Both ways, it’s a Russian roulette with you, an unwilling paying participant.
  4. Freshly washed hair get a vigorous rub with a discoloured musty-if-not-slightly-damp towel, tangles be damned.
  5. The Afro is fried dry and your scalp suffocated with some sweet smelling goo of unknown origins, immaterial of how you feel about heat and hair food.

Established natural hair salons that currently exist are pricey, yes, but the peace of mind of knowing that your hair is in good hands is priceless and being chained to a Terrible Hairstylist is not worth the money saved. If you aren’t convinced, consider the fact that you will be investing in your own hair, while others invest thousands in weaves made of other people’s hair.

Stay woke!





6 comments on “Five Signs You Have a Terrible Hairstylist”

  1. The last time I’ve visited a hair salon was with my big chop. I’m doing my hair at home as I’m too afraid to go to a salon.

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      Try Lajawi and Arete (Tanaz), they really know natural hair and you can enjoy getting your hair done in a beautiful environment too. No regrets with these guys.

  2. Anita says:

    This made me LOL! This is why my girls and I no longer go to the salon. I feel like if you bring your own stuff you should get a discount cause you saving them their dodgy products

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      There two options really, get me the products suitable for my hair or have some decency to offer me a discount if I bring my own. We are not asking for land…hello!

  3. Tessa says:

    I was of the belief that an afro isn’t a fro till you fry dry it. Thanks to the horrible hairdressers that touched my hair. I finally just gave in and relaxed my afro a terrible fate I do not wish on my daughter. Do you know of a salon I can take her to that will do a great job without requiring too much effort from me at home?

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      Hi Tessa, please dump your hairdresser, you do not need such negativity in your life. As for your relaxed hair, simple transition until you have enough natural hair growth, then chop of the relaxed ends and go back to natural. Visit Noir Hair Studio (they on Facebook under the same name), 309 Bryanston Drive, contact number – 063 692 7925, and they will take care of both you & your daughter’s hair needs.

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