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There is no rest for the wicked, in my case wickedly sick, yet I have to pack and be ready to fly out this afternoon because #KeDecemberBoss and Muizenburg is calling. The packing of clothes and shoes is always the easy part, the packing of my cosmetics and hair products not so much. Luckily, this year, Foschini has come to my rescue with their pretty yet practical cosmetic cases that will melt any product junkie’s heart. They are that awesome, see for yourself.

If you pack enough beauty and hair products to sink a small battleship, but you like all paraphernalia pack in an orderly fashion so it’s easy to find at any time, then you must go to Foschini stores or their new online store, FoschiniForBeauty, and get yourself kited, pronto. While you’re there, grab your loved ones some thoughtful Christmas gifts too, they offer a broad range of men and women’s beautifully package gifts on special offer just for the festive season. Don’t delay, Christmas is around the corner.

Since it is the season to be giving, I have Foschini Gifting products that I am itching to giveaway. If you have drooled over what Foschini has to offer and you have this loved one that has had a crappy 2016 and is in need of Christmas cheer, tell me this loved person is and what Foschini Gifting product you would love to gift them with. Your love and generosity may see you winning some of my goodies.

The rest of the rules are simply straightforward:

  • Follow my blog online;
  • Like my Facebook & Instagram page;
  • Like Foschini on Facebook & Instagram;
  • Have a South African delivery address; and
  • Tag us as well as your chosen loved one on your entries

Good luck and a Merry Christmas to you all!

Mrs Clause wannabe,

2 comments on “Foschini Gifting Giveaway”

  1. Sherliniah Gentle says:

    Honestly anything from fragrances to cosmetics to clothing !
    My sister honestly deserves the world, she is a single parent and everything she does is for her 3 kids, as they lost their father in September. I can honestly say she even if shes not my favorite person all the time, that she deserves the world.

  2. Emizer Oka_Vin_k says:

    Crossing fingers 💕💕

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