Here’s looking at you, Palladio Beauty – Eye Makeup Review

It has been a while since my last blog post and to atone for my absence, I’m back and I come bearing good news. One faithful follower and a makeup lover will be the winner of two or maybe three Palladio botanical & vitamin infused cosmetic products. Yay, say all of us!


I first spoke about this 25 year old made in Hollywood cruelty-free brand back in April. Since then my Palladio beauty stash has grown immensely hence I’m overdue in telling you about their eye and brow makeup.

  • Silk FX Herbal Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Fifty-Fifty Cat-Eye Liquid Liner + Smoky Kajal
  • Glam Intense Super Long Wear Gel Liners
  • MaXXLash Herbal Lengthening Mascara
  • Mozaic Powder 2 in 1 Blush and Bronzer

This is just the few cosmetics from Palladio that I have in my kit, perhaps soon I will tell you about their awesome primers and brow powder, all bought from Dis-Chem, ales let me get on with it.

Silk FX Herbal Eyeshadow – Burlesque & a la Modeimg_0569

Throughout spring I’ve only been wearing the five shades of Palladio Burlesque and a la Mode. The packaging is minimalist and pretty much what you would expect from most good makeup brands; the cool feature is their creative use of the powder’s protective plastic sheet as a guide to take the guesswork out of where which colour is meant to go or do.

Love – These two palettes have warm colours suited to most skin tones. They have a pronounced soft shimmer making for a lovely soft, romantic eye makeup. For nights out, the colours can be built-up for a slightly bolder eye.

Loathe – The palettes require the Palladio Eyeshadow Primer as a base to make them pop better and last longer, which is an added cost of R 99.95. Not a budget breaker, but still a concern for those with budgets-on-leash.

Each Palladio Silk FX herbal eyeshadow weighs 2.6 g, has a shelf life of 12 months and retails for R 145.00. Palladio Burlesque and a la Mode Silk FX Herbal Eyeshadows may require help to be punchy, but they are a generous bunch of well-coordinated user-friendly colours.

Fifty-Fifty Cat-Eye Liquid Liner + Smoky Kajalfifty-fifty-2

The Fifty-Fifty, black, consists of 25 ml of Liquid and 0.539 ml of Kajal Eyeliner, perfect for ladies looking to upgrade or experiment with more than just eyeliner pencils to accentuate their peepers.

Love – Once I got used to its bulkiness of the liquid eyeliner, its felt tip delivers a neat and precise cat-eye. Even though it’s not waterproof, it has great staying power.

Loathe – Sadly, the Fifty-fifty Kajal is not for me. It applies easy and smooth, which is all great, but within 30 minutes I am left rocking raccoon eyes. Obviously, I am too hot for this baby. To be fair, this happens regardless of what brand, so no more Kajals for me, I will leave them to my little sister, who worships at their alter.

The shelf life for the Palladio Fifty-Fifty Liquid and Kajal Eyeliner is 36 months and they retail for R 165.00.

Glam Intense Super Long Wear Gel Liner in Deep Blue & in Violetimg_0627

The Violet & Deep Blue were my gel eyeliners of choice. Each comes in a glass pot with black screw tops, with a mass of 5.2 g and a shelf life of 18 months.

Love – They are richly pigmented gels that dry into beautiful colours that won’t budge even with water in the mix. They retail for a ridiculously low R 99.95, a steal.

Loathe – There is nothing to loathe about these Palladio Herbal Glam Intense Gel Eyeliner, get a good stiff angled brush and go crazy on these pots of intense colour.

MaXXLash Herbal Lengthening Mascara – Blackimg_0632

This Palladio MaXXLash Herbal Lengthening Mascara is relatively well-priced at R 120.00 for 12 ml and has a shelf life of 6 months. It is not waterproof, which was a worry as I daily use artificial tears to keep my eyes from drying out.masl_br

Love – This mascara’s brush bristles coat even my smallest eyelashes and give me some respectable length, which is a feat as my eyelashes are short and sparse. My worry about it running as it is not waterproof proved well unfounded too.

Loathe – None. I love this mascara; it is good quality at a great price.

Mozaic Powder 2 in 1 Blush and Bronzer – Spiceimg_0616

Comes in a square black-base with five shades that can be used separately or combined as a blush, a bronzer, to highlight or contour depending on your complexion. The 8 g of Mozaic Powder 2 in 1 Blush and Bronzer retail for R 139.95 and their shelf life is 12 months. I have nothing but love for this product. It’s one multipurpose beauty buy well worth its weight in bronze.

The winner of this Palladio giveaway will be chosen on my birthday, the 8th of December and the rules are –

  • Follow my blog online;
  • Like my Facebook & Instagram page;
  • Like Palladio Beauty South Africa on Facebook & Instagram;
  • Must have a South African delivery address; and
  • Tell us which Palladio product is in your Christmas wish list.

It’s pretty much that simple. Enter, tag us and good luck!

The Birthday Month Babe,

4 comments on “Here’s looking at you, Palladio Beauty – Eye Makeup Review”

  1. Melanie Pretorius says:

    I’ve been using the herbal eyeshadows for a while now and absolutely love it. I would love to try the Mozaic Powder 2 in 1 Blush and Bronzer and the Fifty-Fifty Liquid and Kajal Eyeliner.

  2. jerishka pillay says:

    Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉🎉🎉 i am soo lusting over theSilk FX Herbal Eyeshadow Palettes and the gel liners im just torn between the two 💔 the palette is on my wiahlist coz the shadows look so buttery and creamy and its right up my alley with the browny neutral tones, however on the contrary i would love the gel liners only because its time i broaden my horizon and be more adventurous with color liners other than black. These Palladio items would make as some pretty sweet stocking fillers.

  3. soraya says:

    Palladio Herbal Glam Intense Gel Eyeliner

  4. Bianca Balutto says:

    The Mozaic Powder 2 in 1 Blush and Bronzer is definetly on my Christmas wishlist

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