Hair Product Ingredients to Avoid as a Natural

unnamedSulfate in shampoos is an oil-stripping ingredient that most naturals learn to avoid early in their pursuit of natural healthy hair. As much as we, naturals, love and mostly prefer natural hair products, the allure to tryout treatments and styling products meant for our ethnic hair can only be resisted for a while. This is why knowing which ingredients are best avoided can make or cut a natural hair journey short.


Silicone-coated hair cannot absorbs moisture or benefit from natural oils or butters, thanks to the silicone forming an impenetrable shield. Great in heat protection serum, but terrible in a curly or kinky girl’s hair conditioner. Making matters worse, constant use of silicone demands constant use of sulfates to strip it and avoid its buildup that can destroy our hair.


If Silicone is the skinny terrible step-sister in Afro-Ella’s fairy tale, then the Petrolatum is the chubby one. Not horrible for skin care, but as a hair product, it has no value other than to grease up and weigh the hair down. Petrolatum boils down to blocked pores and a scalp coated with a sticky dirt of gunk. That is not a condition conducive to a healthy hair growth, period.

Paraffinum Liquidum:

I consider this ingredient to be Afro-Ella’s evil step-mother, it has all the bad qualities of the two ugly step-sisters, but it is harder to avoid. Take a closer look at all the sheen sprays you have been using and see just how many of them list this mineral oil as the first ingredient. The numbers are shocking!


They are used to extend the shelf-life of skin and hair products, which is not a terrible thing, but of late there have been claims that they lead to development of cancerous cells. Beauty knows pain and I am petrified of the “C” word.

Alcohol and Fragrances:

Both these bad boys are known hair driers with few exceptions, using them with care is advisable. If your hair is already a thirsty beast desperate for moisture, steer clear of them. They are not worth the trouble they will bring to fragile strands. Leave them to girls with healthier hair.

An interesting fact you must know:


The TRESemmé Naturals hair range which is well loved by naturals, thanks to their affordable and silicone-free conditioners, is no more. This range has been discontinued, above is their Facebook confirmation.

With sad farewells,

6 comments on “Hair Product Ingredients to Avoid as a Natural”

  1. popsieza says:

    So sad about TRESemme… I suspect a conspiracy here.

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      Like dude, Zuma must look into this, better yet the African Union…

  2. Andisa says:

    Thank you for the info, will start paying more attention to the ingredients. Farewell Tresseme Naturals *run to Pick’n Pay for the remaining bottles*

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      If I were to blame someone it will be you, I do not know what it is that you do to make these product discontinued. You need to throw bones, you are affecting all of us.

      Oh, get me a bottle too 🙂 That might restore you good luck *puppy eyes*

  3. jozi4c says:

    Hahaha – kickass post lady!

    Why would Tresséme do this to us tho 🙁

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      Thank you for the love. I am blushing so bad, I resemble a beetroot 🙂

      Tresseme does not want to see us prosper, I tell you. I am guttec, I hope they offer us something better, I’ve asked and they are yet to respond.

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