Eyebrow Threading

Waxing and twizzing has never really worked for me. Even in the hands of professionals all I ever got were okay-I-can-perfect-them-with-an-eyebrow-pencil eyebrows. Since spectacular eyebrows were proving to be elusive I decided on going all au naturel. If Julia Robert could flash her hairy armpits on the red carpet, I was going to rock my unruly sparse broad eyebrows with no shame.

Came July 2015 and I had to prep for a Foschini Fashion Friends photo-shoot and I had to face the fact, my eyebrows were not photo-shoot ready. In a grown-up sulk, I searched for alternative hair removal methods and came across an ancient Indian art of threading. This method promised to remove unwanted hair using the common cotton thread. Intriguing, right?  Well, it sounded so to me hence I looked for a place that offered threading in Pretoria and found Eyecandy brow bar at the Brooklyn Mall Woolworths.


Awkward pose, eyebrows on fleek

To say my first threading session was weird is like saying OPW is just a TV show. Manisha, the brow stylist from India, tried to talk me through what to expect, but I could think of nothing other than that I was about to get a facial grooming in the full view of the Woolies’ patrons. So, I locked away most of my girly squeaks and we got on with it while my friend video recorded my first threading experience.

The whole session took less than 15 minutes and I managed not to embarrass myself too badly, I think. The shape I got was an improvement to my natural shape and that gave me more defined fuller looking eyebrows.

Now that I thread regularly, I have to say that this facial hair removal method suits me best because:

  • Chances of removing more hair that planned are very limited.
  • Your skin is safe from possible wax burns.
  • There is no accidentally pinching and bruising of skin.
  • Each hair is pulled with its root intact.
  • Hair is removed in a fast and precisely manner.
  • Like twizzing and waxing, threading offers long lasting results.

If, like me, you want shapely eyebrows and a clean upper lip without weekly maintenance, then you really cannot go wrong with threading.


With love and air-kisses,

9 comments on “Eyebrow Threading”

  1. L says:

    I love threading but I don’t trust just anyone! Lovely post

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      Thank you L. I am also fussy about who touches my eyebrows. God forbid if Manisha ever moves too far, I would be forced to go back to my cavewoman ways :-p

      1. L says:

        Hahah I am going it alone these days so I feel you!

        1. Meka-Owethu says:

          No, you are threading your own eyebrows? Good Lord, what are you? Superwoman?

          1. L says:

            Oh no, no. I don’t want to lose one. I am just trimming and razoring them when I am too bushy to see

          2. Meka-Owethu says:

            I am relieved to hear that 🙂

            The razor irritates my skin, maybe I too rough, so one once in a while I pluck a random strand between threading appointments.

  2. Lameez says:

    Your eyebrows look great! Good job and well done for being so brave. I had a few tears trickling on my first couple of times.

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      Thank you Lameez. The eyebrow threading was not that bad, threading the upper lip though! That almost broke me :/

  3. Juwayra says:

    I had it only done once and I loved it. I don’t normally shape or do my brows but if it were to become a regular thing for me, I will choose threading over twizzing and waxing.

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