Ten gift ideas for Naturalistas

Being part of the struggle for and against shrinkage, I’ve created this last-minute Christmas stocking filler list. All ten items are easily available, affordable and will have most Naturalistas impressed by your thoughtfulness…


My well loved and used co-wash

The Perfect Co-wash is a dreamy creamy curl defining conditioner that is perfect for a wash and go do – R 150 from The Perfect Hair online store.450g-Unrefined-Shea-butter

Shea butter is one hair products that all Natural ladies swear by – R 180 gets you 450 grams from Natural Moisture.
soil-essential-oils-rosemaryLavender, Rosemary and Bergamot Essential Oils are beneficial for healthy hair growth – pay R 200 for all 3 at Faithful to Nature.

water bottleA miniture Water Spray Bottlesfor hair is a great tool to help moisturize an Afro and Dreadlocks – R 10 from Dischem.

CombsDenman combs are the best for ethnic hair in my books, they seriously minimize hair breakage – R35, Dischem.

turbineThis Sorbet Microfibre Head Turban looks much better than a t-shirt and I find it to be just as efficient – R 55.95, Clicks.

InvisibobbleHair accessories can turn bad hair days into fab ones. If your Naturalista friend has long hair an Invisibobble, like this R 80 one from RetailBox, might just be a new addition she is unconsciously looking for. Otherwise, check out your local traders for traditional beaded headbands. Throw in a pair of matching earrings or bracelet and make a set.
53a04c2c969e0_-_cos-02-curling-rods-deCurling rods, especially the flexible ones are my fave and they offer a much needed break from Bantu Knots – R 24.95, Dischem.

Shower-caps-xlShower caps are like socks, they mysteriously disappear. Look for funky colours, good quality materials and a descent fit – R 29.95, Dischem.

black_silk_satin_pillowcase_set_1024x1024Satin Pillows are perfect for those of us that do not like sleeping with doeks on and are kinder to the skin too – R 100, Natural Moisture.

Frankly, if you ask me, these gifting ideas are perfect for anytime of the year, so yeah, be generous and give abundantly.

With love and Christmas well wishes,

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