Red My Lips

86f34b9a59616a3652dca8927e818a82_e26kThe Medical Research Council estimates that only one in nine rape cases are reported to the police in South Africa. This means that eight rapists are walking the streets we walk and are using the same public transport we rely on daily. As a woman in South Africa and in the world, I am not safe.

13211-color-splurge-luxe-matte-lipstick-11-1407073086This month of April, Black Opal South Africa in its support of Red My Lips, which is an international non-profit organization that is raising visibility and awareness about the realities and prevalence of sexual violence, while combating rape myths and victim-blaming within our communities.

I have done my lipstick inventory, my reds have been set aside and I will be wearing them for a cause.DSC04314

One day we will have a society that does not deem the colour of my lips, the length of my skirt and the amount of alcohol in my drink as an invitation to be sexually molested. To build that society we start today.

Join the movement, like the Red My Lips on Facebook. Follow them @redmylipsorg on Instagram and Twitter.

Stand out. Speak Out. Do not be silenced.

With love and respect,

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