Terrible tippy toes

Today, I embarrassed myself and with a glass of red in my hand, I take this time to apologise to those I’ve sinned against. To be subjected to sad-looking unpolished toe nails was an intentional wicked act on my part. You did nothing, none that I know of yet, to deserve to be punished in such a cruel unusual manner. In my defence my toes were freshly waxed and the nails were taking a breather from nail polishes. Going forward, in a perfect genteel manner befitting of #Foschini #FashionFriendsSA, I take these four vows in earnest.

First, I shall endeavor to keep my cool and try to never, take my shoes off in public, even if to throw them at a politician or annoying colleagues that grate my liver.
If I do fail, only perfectly manicured feet shall be revealed to my audience and my shoes will only come off when service delivery, like beating sense into a human hovering at my desk while I am trying to do online retail therapy. In such a case I plead emotional distress and mental instability.

Lastly, in case of a closed-shoe-swapped-for-an-open-toe emergency, my daily travel toiletry bag shall never be without:

  • A nail polish – I love Maybelline Colorama, they offer a great pop of colour in just one application and they dry pretty quick
  • Nail polish remover mini wipes – Ackermans, Dischem and Mr Price has them for a steal
  • As well as a nail file to the keep my nails in shape – Essence offers a fun and pocket friendly range of nail files.IMG_20150318_215144

That was my beauty faux par, my confession and resolution to do better to look better. Any less than perfect moments you want to share? I am all ears and terribly interested.

With love & respect,

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