Why the name woodenmirror?


My maternal grandmother, uMakhulu uNocustom Makalo, had one of those old-fashioned wardrobes. Slap bang in the middle was a full length mirror surrounded by all this chunky wooden splendour that was her wardrobe.

This wooden mirror as I now fondly remember it, is the source of all my vanity and that is the unapologetic truth. Looking at its reflection and really “seeing” myself for the first, I pondered if I was pretty. I was about three and a half at the time and since I was watching myself cry, the answer was a resounding no.

Regardless of this unfavourable discovery, I fell infatuation with the mirror and at that moment I made a vow, which I have broken many times, to never cry in public. So if you have wondered about the thinking behind the name of my blog, now you know.


With nostalgia,

5 comments on “Why the name woodenmirror?”

  1. Andisa says:

    Vanity, thy name is women 🙂

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      Though shall not judge, you sinner! See, I listened and I put my response to your question in “paper” for the whole wide world to see.It was actually a nice trip down the memory lane.

  2. Carol says:

    That is so beautiful.
    God bless you man. All the best

    1. Meka-Owethu says:

      Thank you Carol. That is a little bit about me and my love affair with reflective surfaces 🙂 #MirrorMirrorOnTheWall

  3. Nolly says:

    Please drop me an email I can’t follow you on Twitter as you account is full of follwers. I am in JHB and I have been searching for JBCO. my email is nollynxazonke@gmail.com.

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