Five steps to good skin

doekOther than your genes, there are steps that you can take to achieve and maintain a healthy looking skin; below are the five steps, I live by that you can adopt in pursuit of good skin.

  1. Wash your hand with soap before you touch your face at all times. Dirty hands equal a potential spread of pimple causing bacteria.
  2. Unless you are blessed with really good skin, buying products from skin care clinics or from brands that offer skin analysis before your initial purchase is a good investment. Such clinics/ brands also tend to be accountable, which is important should you ever find the products you purchased unsatisfactory. I can vouch for Placecol being one of the skin care clinics with great after-sales service.
  3. If even with a healthy diet and good skin care routine your skin is still rebellious, call out the big guns. Sometimes getting your hormones under control with a good birth control pill prescribed by your doctor can be the permit you need to better skin. Should that fail, your GP may recommend a Dermatologist to get you sorted once and for all. I have friends that went this route with amazing results.
  4. Quality make-up must be accompanied with a quality make-up remover. No point having a carriage when you have no horse, to do so is a recipe to a bad end.
  5. Never ever, even under intense peer pressure, share your make-up tools. Consider your powder and lip gloss brush your toothbrush. This is a no go area that cannot be negotiated unless you happen to like sharing your toothbrush. Then, by all means, let me talk to your hand.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and I gave you five.

With love and respect,

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